S’pore is the 3rd best country to build wealth and relocate

Switzerland is the best place to build wealth for future generations.

According to a new index from citizenship advisory firm Henley & Partners, the Alpine nation is the best place in the world to relocate for families who want to access the highest earning potential and the best career prospects both for themselves and for their children.

Singapore came third, followed by the United States.

According to research, Switzerland has an unemployment rate of just 2% and seven of the top 250 universities in the world. This makes it a popular destination for families who want to ensure their children have a good career and build wealth.

With 46 of the top universities in the world, there are also great opportunities for employment and education.

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Singapore, on the other hand, is located in a rapidly growing economic region with many opportunities for banking, engineering, and visas that are easy to navigate.

The study looked at education, earning potential and career advancement as well as livability and economic mobility in 27 countries. It then calculated “opportunity score” for families who want to earn more and move.

According to the ranking, a typical Indonesian household with a score of 25 percent in their country could increase their chances of success in the future by 82 percent if they had access to residence rights in the US.

A family from India with a score 32 percent moving to Switzerland will increase their advantage up to 85 percent.

The main reason for income variation around the world is where people live and how they work. Therefore, choosing the right country to ensure multi-generational prosperity is important.


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